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Chapter 357 Xi Meili pass kick
“I listened to from my mother and father that this rest of the world is incredibly hazardous with everyday life-frightening existences roaming in all places. On earth, men and women rarely kick the bucket from unnatural leads to, and everyone can survive for hundreds and hundreds of years without issues.”
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And she carried on, “I’m setting out to appreciate how you could actually attain the things you acquired obtained.”
“I will be 10,169 yrs old the following month.”
[Cognitive Sturdiness Necessary: 25,000]
And she extended, “I’m beginning to discover how you could actually obtain the things you acquired attained.”
[Dragon Spatial Band]
“Wait… You’re only 18 years?” Xi Meili looked at Yuan using a gawking term in her pretty deal with.
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Some time afterwards, the Dragon Emperor given Yuan a spatial band, “On this page, this can be used to save your treasures.”
“Five thousand yrs old?! You don’t look that old!” w.a.n.g Xiuying said, feeling somewhat envious of Xi Meili. If perhaps she can be 100 years ancient and look like she is at her very early twenties, a smaller amount 10,000 many years old— that might be the dream of every women in the real world.
The cultivation society is really unfathomable and filled up with magic.
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At some point later, Yuan and w.a.n.g Xiuying followed the Royal Family members into the Dragon Palace.
Sometime later on, a servant notified them that lunch was well prepared.
“True Immortals are extremely potent. They’re so effective that even my mothers and fathers cannot do anything to them despite their cultivation bases.” Xi Meili stated, and she carried on, “Furthermore, my mom and dad is one realm above Soul Emperors— Heart Sovereigns.”
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“How fortunate enough, Yuan. You have again received a thing awesome.” w.a.n.g Xiuying congratulated him.
“I will achieve it!” Xi Meili suddenly cut off, even volunteering to do the job.
“Now, about your way back towards the Reduced Heavens… We could aim to trigger the teleport growth you fellas came from, but that will require some time and analysis since it’s been a long time since we very last tried it.” The Dragon Emperor believed to them.
Some time down the road, a servant notified them that meal was well prepared.
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[Intellectual Strength Demanded: 25,000]
Xi Meili then delivered these phones the invitee room, in which they drank teas and mentioned different stuff until lunchtime was ready.
[Dragon Spatial Ring]
“10 thousand yrs old?! You don’t seem that classic!” w.a.n.g Xiuying reported, experiencing a bit jealous of Xi Meili. If only she can be a century ancient and search like she is in her early on twenties, much less ten thousand a long time old— that could be the dream of every women in the real world.
“About 50,000 decades, but that multitude will increase drastically with cultivation.”
[Standard: Paradise]
“Let’s go consume right now. We could communicate even more down the road.” Xi Meili claimed, escorting these people to the dining room soon after.
“You can actually keep below for the time being. I am going to a.s.indicator some servants to you—”
“Spirit Emperor?! Should you don’t brain me inquiring, what age are you?” w.a.n.g Xiuying questioned her.
“Well done, Yuan. You’ve managed to get a cherish that even Immortals would remove for.” Xi Meili said to him.
[Grade: Heaven]
“I’m also 18 years of age,” Yuan explained.


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